Did you know in the state of Georgia speeding tickets are codified under the criminal code? Or that you could be arrested for speeding in the state of Georgia? Not only can traffic citations cause your insurance to go up, but getting too many citations could result in loss of your privilege to drive.

Lianna handles all types of traffic citations, many of which include:

• Driving With A Suspended License
• Driving With No License
• Following Emergency Vehicle
• Following Too Closely
• Georgia Move Over Law
• Hands-Free Violation
• Hit and Run
• Reckless Driving
• Speeding (Including Georgia Super Speeder Violations)

If any of these situations have happened to you, Lianna can help. Call her office at (912) 231-7817 for your free consultation.

For more information on the Georgia Super Speeder Law, visit DDS.

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